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(Français) Bon de commande

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Whether you are a wandering dreamer, a passionate amateur, an experienced taster or an involved consumer, welcome to La Grange Tiphaine.

Since 2002, we’re more than delighted to write a new chapter in the domain’s history, to live out from our passion and put all our heart into our wines.
Find here all the expressions of our wines, our will to put respect at the core of our work: the respect of an inherited soil, a fragile nature, an ancient work, a demanding fruit and customers without whom we wouldn’t be here.

This whole of attention and care, all along a vintage, is for us the basis to create wines as we like them: precise, refined, elegant and above all, that make people want to drink them.
Enjoy your visit and see you soon over a glass.

Coralie et Damien Delecheneau

(Français) Mise en bouteille à La Grange Tiphaine

(Français) Prochaine mise en bouteille, Mars 2020, pour le millésime 2019 , avec Bel Air et Ad Libitum

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(Français) Nos certifications ECOCERT et BIODYVIN.

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(Français) Le cirage des bouteilles

(Français) Le cirage des bouteilles, toute une installation !

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Clef de Sol…these three words sum up the philosophy of the domain. Vintage after vintage, the rendering of our terroirs of Montlouis sur Loire and Touraine Amboise remains our seeking.Showing a true respect of our wines and restranscribe their origin, whether they are red,rosé or white requires observation,humility,precision and rigor.

This will to reveal every undertone of our domain leads us to step aside as much as we can and leave nature express itself.

Working all year long to get a ripe fruit, leaving the wine to its own making and just watching over to maintain precision and original purity are our motives.